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Our on-line giving program is MoGiv. MoGiv is really easy to use and can be accessed from the button below or directly using the URL  Some of you may be new to this system so a word of explanation follows. Let's review concerns on how to split a donation to multiple funds or causes.  Under Donation there is a box labeled “Fund”. In the box click on the down arrow and you will be presented with a list of funds including Pledge, Mission Shares, Pastor’s Discretionary Fund, Special Appeals, Memorials, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, End of Year Appeal, Intervarsity CF, UMCOR, Other, Improve Signage & Appearance and Military Bible Sticks. Select a fund, (normally Pledge) and enter an amount in the Amount Box. If you want to donate to an additional cause press the plus sign below them (in front of the ADD DONATION words) and you will be presented with additional boxes to enter Fund and Amount, (See Example below) When complete  press the “Submit” button. As simple as that.


Use our secure online church app to give electronically from the pew or from your home.  You may also choose to cover the cost of the transaction, which helps us to receive the entire gift amount.


Many hands, make for light work. Do you have a skill which our church could benefit from? Would you like to volunteer in other ways? Click below to let us know.


The best way to help is to be present for worship. Support the church with your tithes and talents. Reach out to family and friends, who are in need of a church family.

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